seriously awesome, eh? You can play CP off my website now! Credit to Sssaam from The Panic Button for the help!



site remodeling

Hey guys,

I’ve kind of given up on Club Penguin cheat posting, so I’m remaking the website into something better. Unfortunately, that means I have to cancel the competitions I’ve been working on, but if my idea’s work it will definitely be worth it. Thats all for now.. Bye!


Hey guys!

I’m posting this to inform you of the organisation made by yours truly, club penguin. How it works is they raise $1,000,000 then you vote how it’s spent (Which also makes it pointless to donate the same amount to each one, because your only wasting your coins). I quite enjoy looking at the picture of the coins for change:

This is a great idea for the people who want to help to world, but maybe something in their life is holding them back (Personal issues etc.). I can’t decide right now who I’m going to vote for! I’m thinking about organising some competition for this, I’m in the working of making it, so yeah..


temp- gone.

Hey guys,

I knew this day would come at one stage. I’m no longer posting clubpenguin cheats here. I will still continue with competitions and all, but I can’t keep up with clubpenguin any longer. I might go back to doing it, but not for now. Please advertise this website where you can, because views and comments are down.


Hey guys!

I haven’t had time to make my own cheats with school, So full copyright goes to http://blog.armyofclubpenguin.com!

Click on The Coins for Change Donating Booth to get the Stocking Cap!

Click on the Top of the Tree for the Long Johns

Click on the Drumsticks you see in the Tree to get the Drumsticks!

Click on the Trumpet you see in the Tree to get The Trumpet!

Click on the Acoustic Guitar you see in the Tree to get the Acoustic Guitar!

Click on the Snare Drum you see at the Bottom of the Tree to get it!

Click on the “R” on Penguins at Work for the Black Superhero Mask

Click on the Dojo At the Background to get the Red Viking Helmet

Click on the Dojo At the Background 4 Times to get the Blue Viking Helmet

Click the Mushroom on the Right to get the Black Cape

And for the pin…

The new Pin is a Christmas Bell,and you can find it at the Forest!

Once again thanks to http://blog.armyofclubpenguin.com for the cheats.

Also, It’s that time again! The time when Rockhopper comes to visit! He’s on his way. Go check out the telescope to see his ship cruising through the waters, getting ready to dock on Club Penguin!


Hey guys!

Remember to check to post below to understand whats going on, but for now I wanted to show you a logo I’m working on. I’m not saying this is definitly what I’m using, but it might look something like this…

Club Penguin Game show!

for legal reasons I have to link http://www.cooltext.com/ so go check it out

Hehe, small. Anyway thats all for now, Bye!


Club penguin Game show!

Hey guys!

I was thinking about what I could do to make this site better, or more.. fun, and I was watching a game show, when it hit me! I am going to make a %100 Club Penguin Game Show! The registration form, if you wish to enter, is below.

  • What is your Club Penguin username?
  • Do you have a club penguin website, if so, whats the link?
  • Are you a club penguin member?

Thats all you have to answer. There may be more questions asked later. Now, the fun part,  the prizes (Will be given out at the start of April, the end of the competition) :

  • First prize: A 1 month membership, a card jitsu code (Sorry, it’s not the latest one), blogroll for two weeks,  and a post about your victory (With links & pictures)
  • Second prize: A card jitsu code, Blogroll for 1 week, and a link to your website.
  • Third prize: Blogroll for 5 days, a link to your website, and to hang out with me on club penguin for as long as you want.

The game shows official release will be on.. well there isn’t a picked date, but I’m thinking somewhere in late December/Early January.  I have some sketches – the basics. But on the weekends I’ll do a lot of work, hopefully it will be ready in time. I’m going to put an estimated guess of it being released on the.. 10th of January (Just a guess, could be released before or after that date). The first games are still being worked on/ tested! I really think you should join because it’ll be awesome!